Celebration Mobile Team

The Celebration Mobile Team (CMT), four of them, have finally arrived in Llanelli!

One of the youngest team members shared his testimony saying:

As I was praying about joining the Mobile Team, I felt God saying ‘Take off your shoes because this is holy ground’. Those shoes signified the way I lived my Christian life in Korea. I feel God desires to do something new in me because I have chosen to stand on  God’s holy ground. As we worship and pray for revival, God will do something new in this nation and among the nations.

One of them had to give up their jobs, future plans and family to be obedient to God’s calling to the Celebration Mobile Team. Several of them shared how their family started to go to church after they decided to come to Wales. It seems as if God is directly pouring His blessings on the family members because of their obedience.

All four of them are living in the Nations Centre right now and although community living has its challenges, they all have very positive and open attitudes. 

March and April will be devoted to preparation and training. English classes, lectures from the Robert Jermain Thomas Acadamy, street worship, prayer meetings, drama practice (and cooking Korean food) fills up their days. Suk Kwang, the team leader, sees this time as the Word of God taking root in the heart of the team, just like the inception of the Word, being sown and grown in the belly of each team member. Starting from May onwards, the Celebration Mobile Team plans to go out to the local community, churches and meetings. Please pray that God will connect the team to the right churches and meetings.

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