Celebration for the Nations and North Korea

Wales and Korea have a God given spiritual bond. It was a Welshman, Robert Jermain Thomas who was the first evangelical to take the gospel into Korea. He was martyred in Pyongyang (the capital of what is now North Korea) at the age of 28 in 1866.

In 1907 as the Holy Spirit moved in Pyongyang in Revival power, an old man came forward repenting that it was he, in his youth, who had beheaded missionary Thomas. The blood of the martyrs is indeed the seed of the church.

That 1907 Revival was part of something amazing that the Lord was doing in the world at the beginning of the 20th Century. It started in Wales in 1904, went into India through Welsh missionaries in 1905, then on to Asuza Street in the USA in 1906. From Korea the revival went into parts of China and even Japan.

When the Lord first gave me the vision to sing to the ancient wells of revival, in 2004 I had very little idea about North Korea. I was honestly stunned by the amazing response of Koreans to Celebration for the Nations. As we began to pray and worship, the Lord showed us that the future of Wales and Korea is very linked.  

Koh Hyung Won has long carried a deep intercession and love for North Korea, and I began to catch something of his heart. This beautiful well of life has got tragically blocked. 1948, the year of rebirth for Israel, was the year of great tearing for Korea. The nation is still bleeding.  

South Korea is second only to America in the number of missionaries it sends into the nations. North Korea is the worst place on earth for a Christian to live. Only the Lord can restore these two halves.  

Korea, like Wales is a land of song. Singing is simple, but if we are to sing so that the wells are unblocked, it is a song of consecration that may cost everything. Robert Park sang that song. He was led in a very specific intercession. Each one of us must find our song. The Lord will put a new song in our heart, a song of praise to our God. As we give ourselves to him, I believe that the beautiful sapphire water of life that flows from the Throne of Grace will again spring up in Wales, in North Korea, in South Korea and in the nations.

Gail Dixon

Celebration for the Nations