Travel from by train from Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) Airport to Hof HaKarmel

Travel from by train from Ben Gurion (Tel Aviv) Airport to Hof HaKarmel

(Nearest station for the venue of Celebration for the Nations).

There are signs when you exit the arrivals area of Ben Gurion Airport to the Trains. The Rail network is fast, regular and efficient.

You will need to have shekels to pay for tickets at the ticket booth or ticket machines (which give change from notes). There are places to change your money in the airport.

Buy a single to Hof HaKarmel. It costs 35.50nis (New Israeli Shekels), about ten dollars.

There is a sign above the stairs going down to the station platforms which changes between Hebrew and English, giving the times and platform numbers of trains due to depart.

Look for the train to Nahariya. They run about every 30 mins for most of the time, and they run 24 hours. However THERE ARE NO TRAINS ON SHABBAT (THE JEWISH SABBATH) from Friday afternoon around 17.00 until Saturday around 21.30. For more times you can check out the website

The journey takes between one hour ten and one hour twenty minutes. You will notice the Mediterranean just before your stop. Hof HaKarmel is the first stop for Haifa, though Haifa is not in the name.

There is a screen on the train which will show the destination of the train (Nahariya), but will also show the next station as it is approaching. There are also announcements for the next station in Hebrew and English.

Taxis can be arranged from Hof HaKarmel to your accommodation.

If you arrive on Shabbat, there are 'Sheruts' (shared minibuses) that run to main cities. So you will be able to get to Haifa.