Hello to all who hold Celebration For The Nations in their heart

Hello to all who hold Celebration For The Nations in their heart.

It has by now been a couple of months since the grand event in Israel in July. What an exciting time to be in the Holy Land and to worship together near Haifa. The venue was beautiful, the fellowship was sweet, the weather was warm with mountain breezes to cool us, and food and tours helped tie us to the land through sight and taste and smell and hearing. So many people poured out their hearts in ministry and service. And we all worshipped in the presence of God make the event one that truly glorified God..

Can you recall during Celebration For The Nations what God was stirring up in you? Do you remember what He was saying and how He was saying it? Do you remember what the music spoke to your heart? Why not look back at pictures or notes or souvenirs to see what God is reminding you of about that time. What was highlighted to you?

I believe it is a good time to stir up what was planted in our hearts in Israel. Let's remember that it is not just a once-a-year event, but - rather -
a culmination of what has been happening in our hearts as we pray for revival in the land and pour out our hearts in worship to the King of Kings. What does He want you to do now?

We want to have Celebration be something that stays in your heart throughout the year. Did you know that Gail wanted to set the Celebration worship structure up after the model of Rosh Hashanna ?Trumpet blasts and celebration! Leviticus 23:23 & 24 references God's desire for His people to have a holy convocation. Just as it reflects the model God has set up in worship, so it also models the place God wants our heart to be: ready to hear from Him and to give Him the worship we were created to give.

For those who were able to attend, please may we encourage you to keep the people you met there in your hearts. Remember those you had conversations with, those who you smiled with as you lined up for food or to get on the bus, those you met who hosted you in your accommodation. When you remember, pray for them and their families as they serve the King in whatever they do and wherever they are.

Here in Wales we meet most Monday evenings at International Centre, Glanmore Road, Llanelli, South Wales for worship intercession. We would love to have you join us. Call 01554 778035 daytime or 07813 616515 other times to confirm.
In Seoul there are also monthly intercession worship meetings. Perhaps others are meeting for prayer and worship to see God pour out on the land. Please share with us what you are up to in this regard.

In Llanelli there is also regular worship in the streets. Are there others of you who do a similar outreach? We have heard that these occasionally happen in London and Seoul. Please let us know about any event so we can join you in prayer.
Also, may we encourage you to start your own outreach! It may be as simple as regularly helping those in your neighbourhood or telling friends about how Celebration events have impacted you. Again, let us know how we can join you in prayer.

When it comes to the Celebration events we are always looking for volunteers, as you know. Specific skill needs include those with medical training, working with children, and of course musicians. We require willing hands and feet before, during, and after Celebration For The Nations events, so why not let us know now what God is encouraging you to do so we have you on our radar. As stated, changing our mindset from a once yearly event to something that's on our heart year round will help make the 'big event' more manageable. And we know God is always up to new things! We want to be ready for action when He tells us to move!

Bless you!