Celebration for the Nations 2017

Celebration for the Nations 2017

Let him kiss me (fasten me together with him, equip me for battle) with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine (Song of Songs 1:2, brackets mine bringing out the original meaning in Hebrew).

Dear worshipper warriors,

In this new year we have the opportunity to allow the Lord to kiss us and so equip us for battle. As we receive His breath, His love, His word, His passion, so we are equipped to be lovers in a hurting world.

Do you feel the pressure of the urgent? Are you fighting stress because there seems to be no answer? Are you overwhelmed with the needs around you and the needs of the world? Those of us who care are always in danger of being overwhelmed by the 'work' that must be done. Let's take a few minutes to say with the Bride in the Song of Songs, Let Him kiss me.

I know that all the answers are in Jesus. I know that anything good I have to give others will come from Jesus. I know that there is unbounded joy in His presence. Yet sometimes it is a battle just to stop and receive His kiss. Let's encourage each other to spend time in intimate relationship with Jesus, not just talking to Him about all that we want Him to do, but enjoying Him and allowing Him to enjoy us. This is worship.

Joshua had a whole nation looking to him for the next step. They were in enemy territory, they were weak, and the enemy was in fortified cities with walls that seemed to touch the sky. Joshua went to look at Jericho, and as he looked up at those walls he saw a Man standing with a drawn sword. It was the commander of the Lord's armies; Jesus Himself. Joshua fell on His face and worshipped.

The Lord told Joshua that to prepare for the battle ahead he needed to take his shoes off. It is hard to go anywhere very fast with no shoes. He was inviting Joshua to spend time with Him. The answer for the 'how' of seeing this huge enemy city fall was in the Presence of God.

Actually the Lord had already 'kissed' Joshua with a word, a promise...'every place where you put your foot I will give you'. We don't know what happened in this intimate time shared by the Lord and Joshua, but we do know that Joshua came out of it with the strategy to take Jericho.

Actually the strategy was the re-speaking of that promise…it was as if the Lord was saying...'Yes, I really do mean it, Joshua, if you and the people put your feet around Jericho, I will give it to you'. It was on that holy ground with the Commander of the Lord's armies, that Joshua was able to receive the breathed-in faith of the Son of God. So he believed the promise and acted in the good of it.

We have been given a promise in Celebration for the Nations.

“Gather the people together, so that I may give them water.”
Then Israel sang this song: “Spring up, O well!—Sing to it!—” (Numbers 21:16-17).

As we gather the people and sing to the well of God's deep purposes, the water of the Spirit will spring up. I believe that the Lord is calling us into intimacy of worship so that we can receive His breath, His kiss, His faith, to continue into the fullness of the revival that is waiting for us.


Mount Carmel 2-8 August 2017
We are again going to gather this year on Mount Carmel where Elijah rebuilt the altar of the Lord with twelve stones, one for each tribe, inviting the broken and divided nation to turn back to the living God. Israel is again a broken nation, tensions are rising between Jews and Arabs, yet we know the answer is in Jesus who has broken down the dividing wall, and made peace.

We are coming from the nations, and building an altar of worship to the Lord, each of us as living stones. Attached to this letter is a virtual flier. Do please look at it and also pass in on to your friends. We are praying for more worshippers and worship teams from the Middle East and many nations to join us.

Yours in Christ's love,
Celebration for the Nations
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