Celebration for the Nations Update April

Celebration for the Nations
Update April 17

All the ends of the earth shall remember
and turn to the Lord,
and all the families of the nations
shall worship before you (Psalm 22:27).

This is our hearts desire, and our God's promise. He wrote it in the blood of His beloved Son. Jesus chose the words at the beginning of this Psalm to express His own anguish and despair as He hung on the Cross taking all our filth and sin into His own body:

My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? (Psalm 22:1).

Jesus death on the Cross is, and ever will be, the greatest act of love in the Universe. The Trinity had agreed that Jesus would come and crush the serpent's head even before Adam and Eve committed that first sin (Genesis 3:15).

There is something in the memory of man, and even in the memory of a nation that needs to be awoken. How does that happen? How will the 'ends of the earth remember and turn to the Lord'?

Could it be that we are the answer; we are God's means of re-awakening what 'they' somehow know deep inside? Could it be that when they see believers paying the price for others, forgiving the unforgivable, loving when it is humanly impossible, they will remember Calvary. They may not have heard of it, or know the name of Jesus, but somehow the Lord has put a light in every man that will respond to the message of the Cross lived out.

In Celebration for the Nations we are worshipping on behalf of those who cannot yet see the Lord and worship Him themselves. May our worship be real as we walk in our Saviours footsteps, taking up our Cross, choosing to live in forgiveness and love even when our hearts rebel.

As we worshipped last year on Mount Carmel we saw the Lord healing and saving some. He has received our heart cries for Israel and the nations, and He is asking us to go deeper with Him. What will that mean? We will discover as we individually set our hearts to worship Him daily by offering our bodies as a living sacrifice (Romans 12:1). Then as we meet together, we will see His glory break out, and the living water flowing from the barren heights. See you on the mountain!


Hello Worshipping Warriors.

Remember that Celebration exists to UNBLOCK THE PURPOSES OF GOD THROUGH WORSHIP. The Celebration experience for 2017 has started!

Much work and prayer has been poured out behind the scenes as we prepared for the launch of our 2017 booking site and - YES - it's now up and running and people are already booking. Thank you so much to Evan, Hyerim, Momin, and Nic for your many hours of work on this.

Oh how we need you to join us! Consider the following…


...who will lift every aspect of the Celebration experience in prayer to God and will listen and obey as He leads. This encompasses areas of safety, worship teams & children's ministry teams, and volunteers. Remember that this Celebration experience exists to stir up the waters of Holy Spirit visitation. This is a new year to see new things of God and the opposition needs to be put in his place….


...from more countries. Praise God for the teams already coming. We'd love to see every continent represented! Get the word out! All teams need prayer for funds to attend. The teams we HAVE are: 1 Korean team from London, FLOW from Korea, Revival Korea, 1 Korean team from Wales, 3 Hebrew/English worship teams from Israel. We have a team from Japan, China, and Tribe of Judah who are praying about funds for coming. We WANT the following represented: Eritrea, Africa, Britain, North and/or South America, Europe, India and other parts of Asia. We are particularly keen to have Russian and Ethiopian teams as there are so many Jews of those ethnic backgrounds returning to Israel. We are eager to see Arab and Assyrian background teams (Iraqi, Syrian, Kurdish, etc) to pray for the fulfilment of Isaiah's prophecy:

“In that day there will be a highway from Egypt to Assyria, and Assyria will come into Egypt, and Egypt into Assyria, and the Egyptians will worship with the Assyrians. In that day Israel will be the third with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing in the midst of the earth.” Isaiah 19:23-24


...to help with the smooth running of all aspects of the event. Last year this worked out well as groups and individuals served meals, did security, provided first aid service, tidied grounds and meeting hall, directed parking, made decorations and gifts. And MORE! It was a serious pleasure to have so many hands make the work light. God bless them all!


Our volunteers are people of faith. This year seems to be especially difficult for many in terms of money and we invite you to prayerfully
consider gifting SPONSORSHIP FUNDS for those who are taking a step of faith in serving at Celebration Israel. If you want to attend but are unable, you can still sow into the Kingdom by blessing and sending someone else.

Please note that our CHILDREN'S MINISTRY, for the issue of safety and responsibility, will have new house rules. Children attending Godly Play ministry time (one Godly Play service per worship session each lasting 2 hours) will need parents to PRE-FILL ON-LINE the appropriate forms (Parental Responsibility Statement and Information Sheet). Children will be under parental supervision when not in the Godly Play sessions. We so honour and value our leaders of the future !

Bless You!

A final note from Gail:

I have attached a copy of a letter and a video link to do with Egypt that has touched me very profoundly. It shows the impact of forgiveness. The TV Anchor Man is a Muslim newscaster and was evidently moved enough to go completely off script. The letter is written by a friend of mine who spent many years as a missionary in Egypt.
Watch the clip here