What is Celebration for the Nations?

Celebration for the Nations is an International Festival of Worship freely open to all who want to come.

It is worship intercession for revival.

We acknowledge that worship is the offering of our bodies as a living sacrifice.

There is no set teaching, it is not a conference, but simply a place set aside to worship the Lord. The main Celebration usually lasts one week each year, and there are smaller gatherings in different locations.

At it's core are worshippers whose one desire is to glorify God.....

People who know that worship is our primary calling, and that every work of God comes from the place of worship.
People who are committed to pray and work for reconciliation and revival in their location and in the nations.

People who have received a promise that as we sing and give ourselves to the Lord, the water of His Spirit will spring up.

Celebration for the Nations started from a vision received by Gail Dixon,

'I saw sparkling water the colour of sapphire, and it had light within itself. I tried to touch it, but something clear as crystal blocked my hand. I looked up and saw people from many other nations also trying to reach the water. None of us could. I cried out to the Lord, asking why we couldn't touch it. I heard him say,

'It is impossible from your side, but if you sing, the water will rise up and break out.'
At the same time this scripture came into my heart:

"Gather the people together and I will give them water."
Then Israel sang this song, 'Spring up, O well!'"
(Numbers 21:17)'.

As we have obeyed this command year after year, gathering people to worship the Lord Jesus for a week at a time, and encouraging people to live lives of worship and service, the Lord has poured His Spirit upon us and others. He has saved, healed and delivered people. He has called people into His purposes in the nations. He has shown us many signs of His blessing and direction, as you will see from the reports of various years.

We are very aware that we are just a small part of something the Lord is doing in preparing His church for the time when He pours out His Spirit on all flesh. 



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